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Tanz Choreograph
1950 Wolfgang Marten  
A Little Jealous Sue Hutchison  
A-B Troublemaker Lesley Clark
After The Storm Tina Argyle  
Ain't Misbehavin' Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Amy Glass  
All Nite Long Harlan Curtis  
All Shook Up Naomi Fleetwood
And Get It On Daniel Trepat & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
Back It Up Darren Bailey & Raymond Sarlemijn  
Back To You Judy Rodgers  
Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang! Karen Hunn
Be Bop unbekannt  
Better In Time Regina Cheung
Beyond Your Eyes Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs  
Big Blue Tree Ria Vos
Big Girls Boogie Mavis Broom
Black Coffee Helen O'Malley
Blue Note Jan Smith
Boogie unbekannt    
Boom Boom Bang Jamie Barnfield  
Bored Ria Vos  
Bounce Barry Durand
Box It Up! Craig Bennett  
Burlesque Norman Gifford  
Canadian Stomp unbekannt  
Catch The Rain Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
Caught In The Act Ann Wood  
Caught In The Rain! Alexis Strong  
Celtic Kittens Maggie Gallagher
Celtic Teardrops Maggie Gallagher  
Chica Boom Boom Vikki Morris
Chicken Walk Jive Pat Stott  
Clap Happy! Shaz Walton  
Clap Your Hands Vivienne Scott
Closer Mary Kelly
Coastin' Ray & Tina Yeoman
Country 2 Step Masters In Line
Country Walkin' Teree DeSarro
Crazy Neville Fitzgerald  
Crazy Foot Mambo Paul McAdam
Cry Just A Little Bit Gitte Stehr  
Da Dance Light Gabi Jasser  
Dance It Up Maggie Gallagher  
Dance Like You're The Only One Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher
Dance Of Love Maggie Gallagher  
Dancing Kizomba Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Rebecca Lee et al  
Das Lied In Dir Gabi Jasser  
Deutsche Bahn light Gabi Jasser  
Diamond Dixie Susanne Mose Nielsen
Disco Cindi Talbot
DN Waltz Niels Poulsen
Don't Be So Shy Wendy Veenstra  
Drumbeat Gabi Jasser  
Electric Slide unbekannt  
Ex's And Oh's Amy Glass
Eye To Eye (64) Original from Maggie Gallagher
Eyes For You Jo Thompson Szymanski  
EZ Walk Like Rihanna Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
Falling Rain Juliet Lam
Father & Daughter Karen (Hunn) Hadley  
Feel Like A Fool Sue Wilkinson
Feels Easy Annette Lapp  
Game Changer EZ Abbenaree Sleeth  
Go Cat Go Gaye Teather
Go Greased Lightning Michelle Burton & Michael Barr  
Good To Be Us Darren 'Daz' Bailey & Lana Williams
Gotta Go Home Stella Kim  
Gypsy Queen Hazel Pace  
Hands Up And Party Barbara Lowe
Happy When I'm Dancing Liz Lowry
Havana Cha Ria Vos  
Have A Good Time Rachael McEnaney  
Have You Ever Seen The Rain Dee Musk
Head In The Sky Maggie Gallagher
Helele Andreas Wenk  
Hey Boy Ria Vos  
Holding On To Yesterday Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
I Don't Care Lisa Spangler
I Love Me Most Betty Moses
I Wan'na Be Like You Maria Maag  
I'm Free Raymons Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk & Jill Babinec  
If You Were Mine Maggie Gallagher  
Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot
Islands In The Stream Karen Jones  
It Hurts Sue Hsu & Kathy Chang
It's Up To You Kim Ray  
Keep It Burnin' Craig Bennett & John Robinson  
Latin Lover Misuk La  
Little Red Book Dee Musk
Louisiana Swing Kate Sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie  
Love Is A Word Maggie Gallagher  
Love Is Like Maggie Gallagher
Make My Day Francien Sittrop
Mamita Ira Weisburd
Mamma Maria Frank Trace
Mini Blurred Lines Gabi Jasser  
Mini Disturbance Gabi Jasser  
Mini Katchi Gabi Jasser  
Mini No Suffering Gabi Jasser  
Mini Trouble Maker Gabi Jasser    
Modern Romance Kate Sala  
My Father's Son Judy Rodgers  
My Greek No. 1 Maria Rask
My Love Runs Out Regina Cheung
My Waltz Else A-J. Lillefuhr
Nancy Mulligan Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly  
Nasdravia Laura & Becky Michaels    
New Shoes Karl-Harry Winson  
No Mercy Roy Verdonk & Darren Bailey  
Not Without Us Ria Vos  
Ofenbach Rob Fowler  
Paradise Marcus Zeckert  
Perfect Alison Johnsone & Joshua Talbot  
Pop! Emergency! Betty Moses & Eugene Walls  
Porushka Poranya Gary Lafferty
Quiero Ira Weisburd
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Maggie Gallagher
Rah-Rah ooh la la Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell
Reflection Alison Johnstone  
Rhumba & Roses Larry Bass
Rhyme Or Reason Rachael McEnaney  
Rio Diana Lowery
Rock Paper Scissors Maggie Gallagher  
Rolling In The Deep Steve Lustgraaf
Rose-A-Lee unbekannt    
Satellite Gabi Jasser
Senorita Tu Ira Weisburd
Shakin Mix Yvonne v. Baalen
Shape Of You Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto  
Simply Cha Cha Barry Durand
Simply Mambo Vyl Myers & Deana Randle
Simply Still In Love Margaret Fox
Skinny Genes Pat + Lizzie Stott
Snap Vivienne Scott  
Something In The Water Niels Poulsen
Standing Still Gabi Jasser
Stitches Amy Glass
Stop Me Now Maggie Gallagher  
Subeme La Radio (changed) Guillaume Richard & Esmeralda v.d. Pol    
Summer Fly Geoffrey Rothwell
Tango Cha Jo Thompson Szymanski & Deborah Szekely
Tell The World Robbie McGowan Hickie  
Ten Out Of Ten Maggie Gallagher
The Bomp Kim Ray  
The Lulu Dance Tina Argyle  
The Most Beautiful Girl Niels Poulsen  
The Queen Remi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard & Gaetan Bachellerie  
The Story Of My Life Craig Bennett  
Those Were The Days Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler
Throwback Swing Glynn Rodgers  
Ticket To The Blues! Niels Poulsen
Tim-ber! Tim Gauci  
Time To Swing Andrew Palmer & Sheila Cox
T'Morrow Never Knows Maggie Gallagher
Top Of The World Sharon Hutchinson
Tush Push James Ferrazanno
Twisting Julie Lockton & Laura Sway  
Two Timing Man Ira Weisburd  
Under The Sun Kathy Chang and Sue Hsu  
Until The Dawn Gary Lafferty
Urban Grace Masters In Line
Wade In The Water Niels Poulsen
Wandering Hearts Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher  
Wanna Be Elvis Robbie McGowan Hickie
Wanna Dance Chris Jones
Watch Me Now Max Perry & Kathy Hunyadi, Barry & Dari Anne Amato  
Way Down We Go Will Craig  
When The Beat Drops Out Gabi Jasser  
Wicked Wonderland Bastiaan van Leeuwen  
Womanizer 2 Amy Christian-Sohn

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